7 Things You Should Do Everyday

January 16, 2012 in Affirmations, Health & Wellness, Self-Discovery Exercises by Tara

This picture was taken in Asheville, NC by © Tara DiPetrillo while she was feeling thankful and doing something she loves to do. I don’t know why I am writing this in 3rd person. Hahaha.



1. BE THANKFUL – Wake up appreciating what you have and continue to appreciate your prosperity, not lack. If you are alive, you have something to be thankful for. What you focus on becomes your reality. How would you like to live today? It’s your choice. Be thankful for goodness sake!


2. NOURISH YOURSELF – Feed yourself with some healthy food and plenty of water, and happy, healthy thoughts. Feel like what your eating today isn’t super healthy or your water is not clean? Charge it with positive energy and blessings. It has been scientifically proven to change the structure of water. Taking care of your body & mind is like taking care of your car, your home, your kids…(you get the idea). You pretty much have to do it or it could be a real poopie situation. It’s really important and probably the most important!


3. SMILE…A LOT! – And meant it! Who cares about the laugh lines (they are the new sexy, didn’t you hear?), just do it! Do it for you, do it for the people you come into contacvt with. Doesn’t it feel good when someone smiles at you? Geee, the world is such a happy place when it is filled with smiles! If you can’t smile for some medical reason, do it with your eyes. They know how to smile too. Lips and eyes not working? Smile from the heart. We can feel what is not seen.


4. GIVE – Give your time. Wait, is there a such thing as time??? Give money to someone who needs it. Give someone a hug. Give your pets some lovins and a treat. Give away something you don’t want or use anymore. Give someone the right of way while driving. Give someone your seat on a bus/train. Give someone a call, directions, a pen, your number, information, the pleasure of hearing a joke, etc. There is always something to give.


5. BE RESPONSIBLE – First and foremost be responsible for yourself. If you have a job, you should probably go to work. Don’t work? Then I guess you don’t have to go. Unemployed? Awesome! Manifest the job of your dreams! Retired? Good for you! You probably need to do the rest of these things… Clean up after yourself. Pay your bills, if they are due today. Don’t have the money to pay them? Then either trust that the money is coming your way or work on a new budget. Whatever chores you have, get them done. Don’t whine about it. If you start to whine about all the things you have to do today, please reread #1 on this list. If you are under 18 and feel you have no responsibilities, you’re wrong. You are still responsible for yourself and your actions. Yes, your parents are to some degree – lawfully or something. Parents, ask your kids how they want to show up in the world today. If it is an answer based on love, help them do that. And kids, be responsible for believing YOU CAN! (read #7)


5. DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO – What are some things you love to do? Do them! Not sure? Ask yourself. Making excuses not to do them? Get over it! JUST DO IT! And there is plenty to do for free. Not sure what that could be? Ask me or do what I love to do, “google it”.


6. LOVE YOURSELF & BE KIND – If you totally lovie dove yourself, keep doing it! Not sure how to love yourself? Try! Feel the love inside you. Hug and kiss yourself. Look in the mirror and say, “I love you!”. Compliment yourself. Want someone to love you? You have to love yourself first. I morphed loving yourself and being kind because I feel like they go together very well. I also like the idea of having 7 items on this list. When you are loving yourself, you are able to be kind, to yourself and the people, places and things in your reality. Feel like you can’t sometimes? Then “bite your tongue” or avoid the people/places/things you feel you can’t be kind around. Be kind or Nevermind!


7. BELIEVE – Believe in yourself. Believe in love. Believe in humankind. Believe you can fly. Believe in miracles. Believe that the missing sock in the dryer goes somewhere and doesn’t just disappear. There must be some quantum explanation. Can you believe that? Believe in magic. Believe that your kids really didn’t do it (sometimes). Believe that your parents really do care. Believe you are loved. Believe that your dreams can come true and are coming true this very moment. The power of belief is very strong. What you believe becomes your reality, your truth. Not sure what to believe? That’s ok. Believe that what you wish to believe will come to you. Believe what feels right, to you.


May you be blessed today and everyday you share your human experience on this planet. Sending out infinite love……..


Beauty From Love: “I am and I do.”


Love, Light & Laughter,