My name is Tara DiPetrillo. I’m the Creative Goddess of Love, Artist, Certified Raw Nutritionist, Traveler, Blogger, Lover and Hugger behind this fabulous creation, Beauty From Love.

I experienced a spell of enlightenment on 1/1/08 (a magical story that I plan to write out at some point and share with all of you). My perception of this world, my life and myself have changed drastically since that day. I am now creating from a new found place in my heart and I am so delighted to be here to share it with all of you! My inspiration for “Beauty From Love” came from this beautiful rebirthing of my-self combined with the day I saw an illustration of a green heart with peacock feathers sprouting out of it. You will find my revamping if that illustration tattooed on my back over my heart chakra. The symbolism in this image shouted out to me with such awareness. One of the symbolic interpretations of a peacock is beauty and hearts are notorious in representing love. What I took away from that image was that true beauty, in every form, is birthed in the presence of love. They are like a yin and yang to me, partnered in a beautiful ebb and flow.


Beauty is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. We are able to see this when we are navigated by a frequency of Love. I wish to capture these inspired moments, in my writing to you, in art, in photos, through Raw Food Coaching, in warm smiles, through Loving myself, with big bear hugs and in any other way that I am called to do so.




Beauty From Love’s mission is to nourish your Body, Mind and Soul. Through an abundance of Love, Creativity, Coaching and Sharing I wish to connect with you. Beauty From Love is a place for beings from all walks of life to come together and thrive in Community and live in Gratitude.



– FREE Self-Discovery Exercises
– Custom Affirmation Paintings with a Personal Reading
– Raw Food Coaching (Specializing in introducing Superfoods & Superherbs into your diet)

  • – SUPERcurious? – Un-cooking & Safe, Raw, Vegan Skincare Workshops
  • – SUPERhero. – Superfood & Superherb, Raw, Plant Based Cleanses
  • – SUPERfreak! – Destination Cleanse Retreats

– Conscious, Uplifting Movie Screenings with light raw vegan refreshments and snacks.
– Looking for a few recommendations? Check out the Movie of The Month, Song of The Week and Inspiration boxes.
– Affirmations on the bottom of every post.
– A Community Forum to share with other Divine Beings.

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So who am I? A great question I feel we all ask ourselves. I’ll probably always ask myself that question. I’m not sure I want to label myself, as I do not want to imprison myself. However, at the same time it is a great way to describe what we enjoy. So here are some random tid bits about me, for the fun of it…

  • I adore the Animal Kingdom.
  • I’m artistic and have been my whole life, at least as far back as I can remember and could hold a crayon in my tiny hands.
  • I experience healing qualities.
  • I believe in love and I am a lover.
  • I’m a bellydancer, a snake charmer. Well… I’m getting there folks.
  • My Dreams are coming true!
  • I’m very touched by witnessing random acts of kindness.
  • I see myself traveling the world for AT LEAST one consecutive year.
  • My family and friends are AWEsome. I’m so blessed to know you all!
  • I love talking to strangers. Lots of times they are transmuted into friends.
  • I enjoy playing around with instruments.
  • I lived in a haunted house, growing up as a child.
  • I always want to learn something. I almost feel stale if I am not learning.
  • I get lost in nature, in a good way. It always seems to get me closer to finding myself.
  • As much as I may speak about positivity, I make mistakes and can be moody too. Gotta Love that Inner Child. I take notice of those moments to learn and grow.
  • I was bed ridden and unable to walk for a year. I learned a lot about myself that year and healed myself through the power of my mind.
  • I have loved sharks since I was about 2 yrs old. They are God-like to me.
  • I will live with dolphins one day. I love them too. I swam with many in the open ocean of Big Island, HI. I’m so thankful for that experience.
  • I like to sleep on my side rolled up in a cozy ball.
  • I telepathically talk to plants and animals…I also do it out loud. lol
  • I love the smell of Lavender.
  • I prefer hugs over handshakes.
  • I get high… off of green juices! It turns me into the Hulk of cleaning or a giggly mess.
  • My DNA is full of bright yellow flames, with hints of orange and lime green.
  • I like wearing no makeup and I also like wearing lots of makeup. The colors are so purdy!
  • I love TED.com. I want to have it’s babies. lol.
  • I met my Beloved on a Spiritual dating site.
  • I like driving in the car for a long time, listening to music and being with myself.
  • I enjoy my own company.
  • I want to plant a tree somewhere and have a ceremony.
  • I’m highly sensitive to all the senses (since my awakening).
  • I think Quantum Physics equations are sexy.
  • I’ve been to Burning Man once and will go again. Everyone should go at least once. Talk about “Community”!
  • Music takes me there and so does the Silence.
  • When I’m alone, I dance. I’d like to bust out those dance moves when I’m not alone. People will laugh. Laughing rocks!
  • Hot Yoga is where it’s at!
  • I like GOing Green! It’s such an awesome color!
  • I love you!
  • Stay posted and you’ll learn a whole lot more about me and probably yourself too!



With an Abundance of Love, Light & Laughter,


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