Bringing Back the “Letters of Appreciation: Beauty From Love’s 365 Day Challenge”

December 31, 2011 in Affirmations, Self-Discovery Exercises, Spiritual, Unity & Oneness by Tara


© Ron Harvey

Greetings perfect beings! I hope you are emersed in bliss and ready to celebrate the New Year! I will be heading up to the mountains to attend a Kitan & Ecstatic Dance Ceremony hosted by Sangita Devi at the Laughing Waters Retreat Center. “The Kirtan will flow into an interactive group ceremony to create intention – and that intention will lead us into an Ecstatic Dance wave to bring in the New Year!!” Can you say powerful? Can you say loooooove?


I think a wonderful way to bring in the New Year would of coarse be to set some intentions for ourselves and pick a word/theme for the year (My word for 2011 was, Manifest). Another way would be to begin the  “Letters of Appreciation: Beauty From Love’s 365 Day Challenge”. I will be revisiting this challenge, as I have to admit, I started to slack off on it. I’m feeling very focussed right now and after organizing myself further, I feel confident and pumped about embarking on this loving  journey.


I am wishing you all unconditional, eternal love, inner guidance, prosperity and vital health for the new year. Ahhhh, you know what? I wish you any and all words that fall under the category of LOVE. That should cover it! 😉


Beauty From Love: “All endings lead to new beginnings.”


Love, Light & Laughter,