Enjoy Your Journey

February 6, 2014 in Spiritual by Tara


Whoever you are and wherever you are, take a moment to enjoy your journey. Actually take as many moments as you like! No need to be concerned about your destination or outcomes. Think of all the magic you are creating, all the positive things to be thankful for and all the struggles that are making you stronger along the way. Remember you always have a choice as to where you focus your thoughts. Absolute freedom in that, ey?

Stressing is futile. (I still need to remind myself of that at times.) Enjoyment is bliss!

Take it all in one moment at a time. One breath at a time and…

…ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY, dear soul sisters and brothers! Because it and you are quite fabulous!

With an Abundance of Love, Light & Laughter,

(I took the above photo in Prescott National Forest, AZ)