Goodmorning Sunshine*

July 22, 2010 in Affirmations, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Love, Self-Discovery Exercises, Spiritual, Unity & Oneness by Tara

(photo/mobile upload: tara dipetrillo)

I slept over my best friend’s house for a few days recently. I stayed in my favorite guest room – with pure shades of white and robots, surrounded by trees and nature. The first morning I woke up, I looked over and saw this guy…it’s a Japanese toy called, “Sunshine Buddies”. “What a beautiful way to welcome in the new day.”, I thought. This is what I learned from my new friend –

Upon waking up each day:

  • Smile & BE Happy
  • Give/ Love Offer
  • BE Peace, Meditate
  • Be an Inspiration/positive role model for others
  • Be in Nature/ Be One with Nature
  • Be Loving
  • SAY YES! to Life, to Love, to ? (It’s head nods back and forth through solar powering!) 🙂


I’m not much for material things, yet I find this simple toy very rewarding. It’s a reminder to me to BE what is on that list. This toy invited me to feel perfectly wonderful about them.


I’m not sure if the toy was always in that tranquil bedroom. I never noticed it before. I’m happy I did now.


Beauty From Love: “Today, I welcome in and begin the day with a heart filled smile and an offering to be of service to someone.”



Tara 🙂