Letters of Appreciation: Beauty From Love’s 365 Day Challenge

May 3, 2011 in Love, Self-Discovery Exercises, Spiritual, Unity & Oneness by Tara

A picture I took in Columbia, SC while "appreciating" the cascade of water, that looked like crystals and diamonds to me. A sweet moment in life.

Hello beautiful creatures! I hope this post finds you happy today. If not, please know you are the one with the power to change that. I AM feeling fabulous! Thanks for asking. 😉 I’m on day #17 of a raw food, smoothie, juice cleanse. And while rummaging in the kitchen, concocting a cleanse-o-rific smoothie, my mind traffic delivered a perfect message – Write others a letter of appreciation.

I was going to send out a random few, then thought of doing it for 21 days to form some kind of habit and then my…


Higher Self said – “No Tara, do MORE!!!”.

Self – “Woah! Ok. How about 365 days?” :giggles:

Higher Self“Perfect!”

Self – “Oooh…”

I have to admit, that felt a little intimidating. Hence the word challenge came into light. I then pondered, “When should I start?”. The answers that arrived were, “during the New Moon” & “RIGHT NOW”. Ahhh, which to choose? The day of the New Moon is a great time to start new beginnings and manifest things into your life. And “Right Now” is always a great answer. Well, when I looked up the next New Moon….it just so happens to be TONIGHT! What better time! Almost on the hour! (The new moon begins at 6:50pm) I’d love to have a lot of us all start together. Excuse me for not have any more pre-notice. My calling is now. (When is yours?) Let the games begin!


So here’s the plan folks…..

– For the next 365 days I will be writing a “Letter of Appreciation” to a person, animal, place or thing. Everything counts! (There is so much to appreciate and I am willing to fully know that, to live in that consciousness.)


– Please feel free to hop on board and take this challenge with me – today, tomorrow, whenever your sweet heart desires. It is all divine timing! (Who knows, you may even receive a letter or two in return. However, please don’t expect anything from others. Do this because you want to. Give!)


– I/we will write one “Letter of Appreciation” a day. That way our energy is fully focused on that subject. However, if you feel like doing more, go for it. As long as you do it for 365 days. This is not a 365 Letters of Appreciation Challenge, it’s 365 DAYS!


– All letters will be heart felt. I/we will write them, almost as if these were my/our last words to this person/animal/place/thing. Ok, maybe not everyone of them has to be that deep, however be sure to add some substance to them. Give them some thought. Everyone/place/thing deserves to know how you truly feel from a loving place in your heart. Keep it simple, to the point and honest!


– I will randomly post some “Letters of Appreciation” as I go along, to keep the momentum and spirits going for you as well.


– It is my intension to have the forum for this site up and running so we can all share in our experiences together. As of now, please leave any and all question and comments at the bottom of this page. I will put a link to the forum up, once it has been created.


Thank you so much for reading these words and may the beauty of my heart melt into yours.


Beauty From Love: “I am ready for the, Letters of Appreciation: Beauty From Love’s 365 day Challenge! I am blessed with endless appreciation of  myself and others.”



Love, Light, Laughter and with Ample Appreciation,