Living in an Alien Nation with a Young Thai Coconut

August 30, 2010 in Affirmations, Raw/Living Food, Spiritual, Vegan/Vegetarian by Tara

I just cracked open my first Young Thai Coconut with a hammer! I tried again and again with the knife, leaving the coconut unopened for days. Well, I came back with the certainty that this time, “I AM GETTING IT OPEN!”. I stated it to be true; saying, “IT IS OPEN!”. I envisioned it to be true; seeing it open. And, Voila! Open sesame! I mean, coconut.

Young Thai Coconut

What a unique looking specimen this Young Thai Coconut is. It looks like a breezy home in Greece or maybe a tee-pee atop a snowy mountain, hidden by majestic ruins. It would also make a wonderful canvas to paint on. Ahhhhh, yes!


Drinking from the YTC. Utter Bliss!

I find so much wonder when looking at the things that exist in our world. Imagine if you were an alien coming here, how strange everything would look. How interesting it would be to discover them. Much like being a baby. My “inner alien” and “inner baby”, come out to play a lot. They like to explore the world and gaze at the beauty of all it’s creations. This YTC has me in awe. I mean….WOW, this is food and so much more!


It’s so aesthetically divine to look at and almost awkward to hold. Slashing and peeling away it’s outermost, soft layer was very enjoyable and easy. Getting to the core of things was a bit challenging. It took me days to finally take it on. And when I did, boy was I sure of myself. BAM! I got through the hard stuff (releasing some inner angst) and found the true center (receiving heaven on earth)! I found inside, this pure form of nutrimental, watery, juicy, liquid, in an abundant supply. More than I had imagined! I was surprised to find the inner layer that enveloped this liquid, this supreme nectar, was decorated with a custard wall. To taste it was pure bliss. I may have elevated off the floor. Who knows…. And while feeding off the liquid, I was in a state of Mindfulness, ever present.


I had to take a break and share my experience with you. While it is fresh in my thoughts and the flames of life are bouncing out of my Being. I also couldn’t drink anymore (for now). It’s so rich with life! And so very giving! THANK YOU, Young Thai Coconut, for feeding me and inspiring me with life’s lessons and beauty. :happysigh:


This ones on me! Enjoy, Beloveds.

I will forever walk this Alien Nation in wonder and delight, with respect and love. There is always something to discover. Go enjoy an Adventure today!


Beauty From Love:

“I see the Light of this World

in everything.

I am grateful for this heart,

for I see the beauty of love

through it’s eyes.”


Love, Light, Laughter and Continually Cracking Open,

Tara 🙂