My First Body Art Show!

August 2, 2010 in Affirmations, Art, Beauty, Love, Spiritual by Tara

Back piece tribute to Beauty From Love (hence the baby peacock and hearts) I painted on my model, Shana. (hair: nicole heiligenthal)

Back on July 2nd 2010, I was an Artist for my very first Body Art Show at the cozy Nelson Fine Art Center in Johnson City, TN. The super talented, fellow Artist/Makeup Artist, Ren Allen invited me to join the show and also be a guest in her loving family’s “unschooled” home. Ren and I had heard of one another through two mutual friends. We were obviously destined to meet and I’m so thankful we have.

body art: tara dipetrillo model:shana

I was ready to get my brushes wet and do some body painting (I had only done face painting before), and asked Ren if I could pick her brain sometime about the art. She then proceeded to ask me to be an Artist for the show. I had to say, “YES!”.  And I’m so happy I did. I bounced back and forth in panic and fear wondering if I could accomplish this. I did have many moments of hope and excitement too. Sometimes not being able to tell the difference between the two. I turned the negative feelings around and accepted that – “I am a Divine Creature with exquisite intentions and vast talent, bursting out of my Being, ready to be explored.”. I knew everything would be perfect and I was exactly where I needed to be. I have learned that when an opportunity arises, you take it. Don’t think about it, just DO IT! I made the mistake of not believing I was “good enough” in the past. I have a new way of thinking or not thinking now, that allows me to face the fear and have extreme confidence in myself. I am good enough! I am extremely talented! And I can do anything!

Painting Shana's back.

Close up of face painting. (body art: tara dipetrillo model: shana)

So, I went and purchased all the paint I needed and had a slight idea of what I wanted to do. When I draw or paint, I look at a blank paper/canvas and images just appear before my eyes. It’s quite magical. I’m not one to have an idea, then paint it. I see the art at that very moment. I felt the need to be prepared with a sketch for the body painting though. I thought if I wasn’t, that would mean I was irresponsible (even though it went against my usual way of creating). I found out a few days before that my model’s back was covered in tattoos, totally killing what I had drawn up and envisioned. Fantastic!! Ha! I decided to go with the flow and allow my inner guide to lead the way. Love it! I was half prepared and half ready to create freely! And free I was. Free I am! I was on a high all day being in an art gallery painting! It had been so long since I last painted. I felt so blissfully alive! My excitement and anticipation built up. I had no recollection of panic and fear. Who were they again? Nevermind, no reason to remind me.

All the patient and beautiful models from the show. (hair: nicole heiligenthal)

Never underestimate what you are capable of. Follow your dreams and dream big! Dreams really do come true. All you have to do is see them and allow them to be. Beauty From Love: I am the creator. I create my life. Today I will paint the day. I paint new possibilities, joy, peace, love and abundance into my life.” (If you would like to view more pictures from the Body Art Show, I welcome you to visit my Fan Page on Facebook.) Painting you a beautiful day, Tara 🙂