Smile! It’s Contagious.

July 25, 2011 in Affirmations, Health & Wellness, Love, Self-Discovery Exercises, Unity & Oneness by Tara

Smile! It's contagious.


Have you ever walked down the street and smiled at someone, and they smile back? Or vice versa? It really is contagious. Most of the time we all smile back. On occation someone may not smile back. (We may not even smile back.) That doesn’t mean you didn’t touch their day. Their reflexes could have stalled. Who knows? No need to stress it. It’s all good. Let them be and keep on smiling!


Something as simple as smiling can change the way we interact with one another. It will no doubt, brighten our moods on some scale or another and make us more approachable and tender as humans.


I’ve put this to the test, consciously, many of times and if anything, it makes me feel good. Yes, I randomly spot people out and say to myself, “Oh, smile at this one! See what happens!”. May sound like a strange little game/exercise I play. I have to admit, it’s pretty fun. Smiling has become a habit of mine. Yet, it’s fun to be conscious of it. It lifts my spirits and hopefully it does the same honor for another being.



I’ve had the grace of a mere stranger, friend or family member smile at me and cheer me up without even knowing it. Something inside, let’s call it love, just lights up inside of me. I think there is a lot of beauty in the way we non-verbally communicate. Sometimes a hug, a smile, and instrumental music have the power to touch me more than words do.


Smile….really, it’s that simple. Test it out for yourself. See what happens today. Better yet, feel what happens.


Beauty From Love: “Today I smile at others, knowing that I am smiling at myself.”


With a big warm happy tooth-full smile,



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