The benefits of Superfoods are miraculous and you will reap massive rewards when adding them into your diet. These cleanses not only introduce you to a newer, healthier way of eating, they also encourage you to move that sexy body of yours, calm that chatterbox mind and live your life’s purpose. Tara’s cleanses are designed for different stages and price tags.

With an awareness around the time we have available to schedule things in, our budgets and what you may be feeling at the present moment, a few programs have been put together to cater to you. Try one or try them all. Check out the 3 options below!

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What is this SUPERstuff anyway? Not sure? Already know about SUPERfoods? RAWesome! All levels are welcome! Come check out one of Tara’s live demo workshops. Here you will learn how to make some life giving recipes or natural, non toxic bath and beauty potions for your body. You will have time to mingle with everyone and try everything out. Please leave your microwaves and stoves at home along with all those things you can’t pronounce in your beauty products.

Included in the SUPERcurious? Workshops:

  • Loosen up! We will take time to stretch before we get started.
  • Live demo on how to make some happy tummy dishes or natural, non-toxic beauty and bath products.
  • Sample the goods for yourself. Yes, you actually get to taste it or apply it and not just watch me make it! Nom. Nom.
  • Take home some fabulous guilt-free recipes or to prepare and share with friends and family!
  • End our workshop with a Guided Meditation or maybe even a Group Hug. A small dose can go a long way. Why not go home happy and feeling connected?
  • Connect with others in the Beauty From Love Forum.


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(There are no Workshops scheduled at this time. I will be posting some very, very soon! )



Come here and you get to wear a cape! In this 21 day (3 week) cleanse program you will learn about the benefits of many Super Foods and Super Herbs and take part in a Raw Plant Based Diet (Occasionally this will be offered as a Raw & Cooked Plant Based Diet). That is not it though. Tara’s “Super You Super Cleanse” involves 4 pillars that she will dive more deeply into with you. They are; EAT, MOVE, CLEAR & DREAM.

It is said that in 3 weeks your body and mind will form new habits and break some old ones. How cool is that? And it takes 90 to become a routine!

Included in the SUPERhero. Cleanse:

  • You get to go grocery shopping with me and your fellow cleanse groupies. I will show you some fab items to add in your fridge and pantry.
  • I will recommend some SUPER foods and SUPER herbs that will cater to your individual needs.
  • Want some more attention? Receive Daily emails of inspiration and knowledge from me.
  • Join in potlucks where we all bring a dish to share and chat about your progress with the group. You will also have a chance to show off your dance moves! Sah-weet!
  • Attend excursions where we exercise together and get our bodies movin’ and groovin’ (eg. – hikes, bike rides, yoga, swimming, bellydancing, etc.).
  • Group Meditations at get togethers. (Some others will be optional for a fee.)
  • Exercises to live a life you love, follow your dreams and live your purpose.
  • Receive a welcoming package when you sign up with informative handouts that I created to help you understand why you are doing what you are doing, as well as local deals and coupons for amazing cleanse friendly items and services!
  • Encouragement from me and your fellow SUPERcleansers.
  • Connect with others in the Beauty From Love Forum.

(Please note that your participation in potlucks and excursions are optional and not mandatory. Though a totally helpful and FUN part of the experience! Some things like yoga, bellydancing, meditation, breathwork and other classes will have a separate fee and will be noted in the cleanse itineraries. Come as you may!)


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(Sign up in June for a July Cleanse!)



Yup, you’re a freak and we love you for it! Come shine in these destination retreats where we go on excursions and uncook together for every meal. This is very hands on and allows you to slip away from the distractions of everyday life and bond with your fellow SUPERfreaks. We will also have lots of time to reflect and share in group chats.

Included in the SUPERfreak! Retreats:

  • This info is on it’s way. Coming soon!


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(There are no Retreats scheduled at this time.)


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