Tara’s Traveling Tips: How to Treat a Public Toilet

August 9, 2013 in Green Living, Latest Posts, Self-Discovery Exercises, Slider, Spiritual, Travel & Culture by Tara


I am struck with compassion people. I must speak out for all of the toilets out there who have no voice of their own. I’m going to bet that you, the person reading this right now, has had a bad public bathroom experience. Stinks, doesn’t it? Well I’m here to unite us for the love of all the magical, water filled porcelain throwns out there. You in? C’mon, let’s do it for the potty!

Have you ever walked into a public restroom only to find the toilet seat has been brutally sprayed with someone else’s urine? Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic here, but you have walked into a restroom with at least droplets of urine on it, right? So then what? Well I’m assuming you go into another stall that hopefully has a dry seat for you to place your bum on. And if you can’t find a “wet on the inside, but not on the outside” toilet, you end up having to clean up someone else’s pee pee mess. Ewwwwww!

Let me get even more personal with you. I’ve made the mistake of pulling out one of those sanitary paper linings to put on the toilet seat (this is not the mistake), only to find out that after I placed it down and sat on it, that someone splattered on the toilet seat, now leaving my once clean thighs and butt soaking in a strangers urine. And to think, I thought I felt safe with my potty liner. I kinda felt a little violated. More than once. Have you? (Lesson learned: I now wipe the seat even before I place the trusty liner down.)

Enough is enough! I’m here to promote clean, dry toilets seats for all to sit on!!


I have been baffled by this time and time again. It amazes me that no matter how many public restrooms I go into (be it in a retail store, airport, restaurant, rest stop, etc.), I have always encountered this and unfortunately a lot worse. I’m sure there are some people who really don’t mean to leave a mess behind. Like the parade of TP streamed across like some festive toilet siesta. I’ll say for women it can be challenging to balance yourself with one arm grasping the wall and the other trying to steadily hold your pantyhose away from the fire line when squatting over the seat. And men, you just down right miss target sometimes. Unless you straight up like to pee on stuff and leave a mark, please stop your pee vandalizing. If YOU accidentally urinate on a PUBLIC toilet… CLEAN IT UP! Doesn’t take long and the toilet paper is there for you to wipe it. If you want to be extra nice put some water and soap on some toilet paper and wash it off. The toilet Gods will love you even more and send your “donations” to potty heaven.

While I was traveling around the west coast in an RV and using many public restrooms it hit me that I needed to write about this. When I was working in Charleston this past June, I went into a restroom at a cute little restaurant and saw the image I posted above with that sweet sign. I thought to myself, “Finally! Someone is reading my mind!”. (Whoever you are, you are amazing. Please contact me if you see this. I want to be your friend!) So here are my genius ideas for the day thanks to all this. How about, #1 – you clean up after yourself if you pee on a toilet seat and #2 (bonus points) – you create a homemade sign to put up in a public restroom to make other toilet users aware of this. Think of it as a sweet way to gift humankind and pay it forward. Be the change,baby!

Thank you for reading this post and please spread the word on keeping our toilet seats dry. Just knowing people read this (because I will see it in my blog stats) makes me so happy, I could pee myself….and clean it up!

With an Abundance of TP & Wipes,