Vlog: Interview with Elle Palmer from Urban Gypsy – A Recycled Truck Show in Plaza Midwood, NC

October 19, 2010 in Beauty, Fashion, Green Living by Tara

photography: Tony Tueni


I had the pleasure of attending Urban Gypsy’s first trunk show on Sunday September 19th, and had the chance to interview Elle Palmer – the face behind the fashion.


videographer and editing: Tony Tueni


The trunk show took place in Elle and her husband, Nathan’s cozy home located in Plaza Midwood. Upon arrival, there was a sign in front of a curbside tree to let you know you reached the Urban Gypsy extravaganza. Not that one was needed. The drapery of “gently worn” clothing and decorations on the porch were a giveaway in themselves.


The next Urban Gypsy Trunk Show is taking place this

Saturday October 23rd – Sunday October 24th

from 1pm-6pm


1720 Thomas Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205

(right off of Central Ave., near The Penguin)

If you have a truck, bring it!

This next trunk show will include household items and furniture!


Inside one of the dressing rooms.

The plethora of recycled clothing, handbags, footwear and hats, collected by Elle Palmer and Holly Frey, transformed the Palmer house into a welcoming showroom, extending all the way from their front porch to the back deck outside. Inside, two bedrooms became dressing rooms as the master bedroom was off limits to guests. The living room and dining room dazzled with delight and music, as they continued to showcase the countless unique gems. Even the hallway played a part, as the “on hold” area.


The kitchen was a giving center of light food, sangria and beverages along with an old glass jar filled with buttons. Whoever came close to guessing how many buttons were in the jar, won one of the 5 prizes, including – the stylist from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” coming to your home and going through your closet with you or giving you a makeup makeover, a cut and color at the Daniel Davis Salon, a massage from Breathe Organic Massage, a facial from Lighten Up & Face It, or a manicure and pedicure. I ended up with one of the top 5 guesses and winning the facial!! Woo-hoo!


Button jar guesses and prizes.


To give you an idea of what you can expect to walk way with, I spent $126 (roughly the price of one of my favorite dresses from Free People). I ended up happily walking away with….

  • 9 dresses
  • a skirt
  • a jacket (that was free for bringing a friend – you actually get prizes for doing that!)
  • a faux fur leopard cape
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 2 handbags
  • a necklace


Elle generously threw in a few of those items, however you get the idea. That’s a huge bargain!!!! I love everything I walked away with. I’ve considered Urban Gypsy to be my one stop shop for clothing needs. I’ll still shop around, yet this will most likely be my hot spot.



Yes, I could go to the Salvation Army. I still will. This was way more fun though, didn’t smell funny and weeded out a majority of the stuff I am not interested in. I was able to comfortably mingle with other women as we tried on clothes. It was a party that deleted the word “task” from my vocabulary. I’ve considered clothes shopping a task the past few years. So I guess what I’m saying is that, aside from shopping, attending the Urban Gypsy trunk show is an experience. A pleasurable one, that kept me entertained for hours.


More clothes out on the back deck.



Urban Gypsy even thinks of the men on the planet.

Yes, there’s even mens clothing to be had!



After growing up in NYC, I miss going into a boutique that captures my interest and graces me with a few great finds. I’m the kind of person that likes my shopping adventures (which are rare) to be easy and fun. Urban Gypsy by far, delivered me one of the best shopping experiences and I’m sure they will for you too.


urbangypsyRSVP to the next trunk show here:

Urban Gypsy Resale Trunk Show

10/23/10 – 10/24/10

Visit Urban Gypsy’s Facebook Page:


Visit Urban Gypsy’s website:



Seems funny to write an affirmation about this. Here it goes……

(Now that I wrote it, it makes perfect sense. :smile:)

Beauty From Love:I know that I am having a pleasurable shopping experience. One that is fun, that I can walk away from and not feel guilty about and that is ever prosperous. I feel good about shopping and I deserve to shop.


And please remember: “Things don’t make me happy. I make me happy.

Be happy everyone. And don’t shop till you drop. Just shop wisely and enjoy yourself.


Grateful (to have clothing to protect my skin and keep me warm),

Tara 🙂