Vlog: Interview with Philip McCluskey from Loving Raw

March 29, 2011 in Green Living, Health & Wellness, Raw/Living Food, Vegan/Vegetarian by Tara

(see video below)

This past February I had a enlivening visit with the utterly motivating, Philip McCluskey. We only had a few days to spend together with some of our awesome friends, before Philip had to dash off to another city and speak at a lecture. (A true man on the go.) We were going to do our interview in person and instead, decided to enjoy the few moments we all had together. It’s ok to do that (change your plans) sometimes people, because in the end, our job was still done.


Philip McCluskey is the owner of Loving Raw (www.lovingraw.com). He is well known in the raw food world for loosing over 200lbs and has been seen on the television show “The Doctors“, sharing his powerful story. Philip is a motivational speaker, has written many raw food books and hosts enriching video blogs on his website. You should check them out. They Rawk!


Philip McCluskey, before and after pictures.


For this interview, it was my intension to ask some questions that both newbies and masters of the raw food lifestyle could appreciate.


Without further ado, I give you Philip McCluskey……
(audience screams and claps)



Check out Philip’s newest book, “Raw Food Carob Desserts“, cowritten with Heather Pace from Sweetly Raw.


Thank you again, Philip. You are a real inspiration for so many people. Keep shining sweet one. Much love.


To learn more about Philip McCluskey please visit, www.lovingraw.com.




Beauty From Love:As I educate myself, I nurture myself. This journey is forever.


Loving Raw,