What Do You Love About Yourself?

August 12, 2010 in Affirmations, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Love, Self-Discovery Exercises, Spiritual by Tara

Today (and everyday) let’s think about how awesome we are!

Too many times we get caught up in nonsense chatter with others and mostly in our own mind. We put ourselves down, put things off that will benefit us, get in a rut, put ourselves on hold, loose confidence and self esteem. We’ve all done it. I know you can relate. Catch yourself when you do this. Be aware of what you tell yourself in your head and how you represent who you are, when you talk to other people. If you say things like, “Well I CAN’T…”, “Oh, I’ll never be able to…”, “I’m not good at that.”, “I hate when I…”, you’re putting yourself down; spreading negative gossip and cursing yourself with your own words. Enough of that!!! It’s time to be Kind!

On to the Good stuff! Are you ready for some Good?

Want to FEEL GoOoOood? GOOD!

(I’m assuming you answered, “YES!”)

Today let’s write a list of 5 (or more) things we love about ourselves. Then write 5 (or more) things you would like to love about yourself. You can choose something you admire in another person (e.g., “I am Courage”), a way you wish to feel (e.g., “I am Peaceful”) or you can turn something you don’t like about yourself, into a positive statement (e.g., “I am Ugly” becomes “I am Beauty/Beautiful”). I gurantee you will start to feel yourself shift out of your old way of thinking and begin to become the new you. The you, you always were and hid with the negative bullying you performed on yourself.


  • Start by writing out your list.
  • Begin your sentences with “I am…..”.
  • Say these statements out loud (more powerful) or in your head as soon as you wake up or even right NOW.
  • When you say the first 5 (the things you love about yourself), FEEL your confidence when saying those words. You KNOW they are true!
  • When you say the next set of 5 (the things you would like to love about yourself), carry on that confidence. Know that you are capable of what you have to say. Know that those words are true too.
  • Visualize what these statements look like, if that is something you like to do.
  • Repeat them throughout the day – when you are zoning out, riding in the car, waiting in line somewhere, eating, etc. Whenever. Wherever. 🙂

This is a great practice to do when you feel “challenged” in life, go on an interview, to a meeting and even to keep a momentum of feeling good about yourself on a daily basis. It will build your confidence and most of all give you a high on being you!

Have fun creating yourself today with positive energy and affirmations!

Enjoy the compliments! You totally deserve them! 🙂

Beauty From Love: “I am bursting with divine knowledge and showering myself with inner love! I am Love! I am loved!”


Love, Light, Sweet Ether & Deep Space,
Tara 🙂