What Do You Want To Be Doing On A Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis? Here Are 5 Steps To Get You There.

December 6, 2011 in Affirmations, Health & Wellness, Self-Discovery Exercises by Tara

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We probably all have a list in our heads of the things we would like to be doing. Felling challenged with the time to do it all. Some of you may find these things are thoughts, you just keep putting off. You may sound like a broken record to others, of how you are going to do this and that, then find you never do. On the other hand some of you may be real on top of your game, taking action at the first brink of an idea. Where do you currently find yourself on this scale?


I’m the kind of person who wants to do A LOT! There are many things I’m very passionate about. Some of those things I’m very active in accomplishing. And some are dancing around in my head, hoping to be manifested. I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to do it all. I’d definitely like to try though! More than try, I like to DO! Sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed with ideas, only to find I have done nothing about them. For instance, I was doing a large portion of reading for about a year or so. I was very focused and very into it. Maybe too into it. I started to accumulate more and more books. I’d find myself sitting in bed with a pile of books next to me, wanting to read them all. I was so eager to feed myself with the gracious knowledge they behold. I felt like a kid all wound up in a toy store lingering on their crisp pages! I ended up reading none of them. I picked some up here and there, never really getting a momentum going with any. My attention was on all of them. I had no focus to just get started with one.  That’s where a bolt of discipline and focus would have been very helpful.

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I work well with lists. With a plan. Otherwise, I tend to get very distracted with the next idea/thought. What can I say, I’m amused by so much in this world! [smile] So for any of you out there that have some ideas popping in your head, that you would actually really like to do – I’d like to offer up an idea I have, that I’m actually currently doing with a friend. I’m calling it my “Motivation Activation List“. Here is a list of steps to follow, to help you achieve all those things you have been putting off. It can also help keep you in line with a regime you may already have. Take note that in this exercise, it’s ok to start with one thing and work your way up to more. The examples I show you are to get you familiar with the process. Do whatever you are comfortable with. This is not a competition of how much you can do, rather a lesson in getting you motivated to start doing the things you enjoy and even the thing you may not enjoy now, that will benefit you later.


Step 1 – Make A List

First, figure out what it is you want to do – be it daily, weekly or even monthly. Whatever it is, write it down!


  • meditate
  • yoga
  • bellydancing
  • painting
  • drumming


Step 2 – Figure Out How Often You Want to Do It

In this next step, figure out how many days, and how much time you would like to commit to the topic at hand. You can start out going a little easy on yourself, with minimal demands. Sometimes, I think that is a good route to follow, as you are setting yourself up for guaranteed success which will allow you to trust yourself. Other times, I can be a little hardcore. Which again is ok. It all depends on the frame of mind you are in at the moment. Check in with yourself to see where you are at, and devise a schedule based on that. You can always increase the amount of time you do something, once you get your flow going. The key is to feel good about your accomplishments!


  • meditate – daily (2x a day for 30mins)
  • yoga – 3 days a week (1hr each day)
  • bellydancing – 3 days a week (1hr each day)
  • painting – 1 day a week (4 hrs)
  • drumming – 5 days a week (1hr each day)


Step 3 – Schedule Everything in Your Calender

Once you have gathered the amount of days and the amount of time you would like to do something, start jotting it down in a calender/planner. Make yourself accountable for these things, on specific days and times. You may end up moving your schedule around a bit. Thanks ok. Start forming some kind of itinerary though. (Remember – FOCUS!) I recommend if you have a computer, put it in an app like google calender or ical, etc. If you have a smart phone you can even receive emails and reminders while on the go, which for me, is awesome sauce! If not, using a regular paper calender or planner is fine. And if necessary, use some post it’s as reminders.


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Step 4 – Share It With A Friend!

The best thing to do is to buddy up with someone. I find that when I have to check in with another person, I’m more compelled to get the job done (so to say). It’s also nice to share your experiences with someone and be supported. I enjoy encouraging others, just as much, to be all that they aspire to be! I’m super siked for my “Motivation Activation List” Buddy!


Step 5 – Get Started & Share Progress Reports!

What are you waiting for? Get to it! The time is NOW! Once you have completed your first week, send your friend your progress from the previous week and vice versa. Check in with each other on a frequent basis. Praise one another and give friendly nudges when needed. Most of all, enjoy yourself and all the wonderful things you are doing!



May you all be blessed with accomplishment!


Beauty From Love: “I AM accomplishing my goals and it feels so good!”


Love, Light, Laughter and Lists,