What is the Lesson in this?

July 25, 2010 in Affirmations, Beauty, Health & Wellness, Love, Self-Discovery Exercises, Spiritual by Tara

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When faced with “challenges” in Life, I ask myself, “What is the Lesson in this?”.  What opportunity is being presented to me? The question delivers a sense of ease. The possible, burdensome weight is shifted. I’m not focused on a “problem” and feeling frantic. I’m excited to learn the lesson(s) and reach my full blooming potential. If I have no control over a situation, it’s all good; I hand it over to the Universe and know that everything is in perfect harmony.

I’m tested on this quite often, which is fine (it keeps me on my toes). More often than not, things always work out nicely. And the times I think they don’t, they really do. I may just not see it at that time. When I drift out of the happy place (it happens), I end up creating havoc with useless mind chatter. That mind chatter never gets me anywhere, aside from the totally unfun roller coaster ride. Ick! Once I realize I’m on it I scream, “Get me off of here!”. To which, I then return back to the alleviation of the present moment. And breathe. Yeah, you always have to breathe… :inhale: (hold it) :exhale: ahhhhhhh. Yup, just like that. It’s OK. It’s always going to be OK. Let it be OK.

If you are struggling with a situation right now, ask yourself, “What is the Lesson in this?”. Figure it out and be happy you learned something. You’ll be Empowered. Your other choice is to Deny yourself the opportunity. (Well, “Bah! Humbug!” to that route!) And when you do that, you can bet that lesson will come back around for you to learn again and again and….

When you go on your journey to find out the lesson, be easy on yourself. The answer could be so simple. Perhaps, sit in silence and ask the question, meditate on it, ask someone for advice (sometimes others can see what we are blind to). Your willingness to learn and investigate will open you up to answers. If anything, introduce yourself to a calm(er) state of mind while worry and stress evaporate.

You are capable of more than you can imagine. Be Kind to yourself, always.

Beauty from Love: “In loving myself, I search for (and find) the answers that will awaken me to a Clever, Easy and Peaceful way of handling Life’s challenges.”

Spreading the Love,

Tara 🙂