What is Your Theme Word for 2011?

January 2, 2011 in Affirmations, Self-Discovery Exercises, Spiritual by Tara

photo: Tara DiPetrillo

Some of my friends have shared with me that they pick a theme word for the new year. Kinda like having a new years resolution summed up into one simple word. Now, you can determine how simple it is, to choose just one word. I thought I was going to have a hard time with it. However, as soon as I thought of conjuring one up, the word “manifest” shot into my head like an eager bullet.


I chose the word manifest because I would like to master the art of  manifestation; creating my life as well as becoming aware of how powerful I already am (as a manifester). I’ve become amazingly and mercilessly aware of  the quickness and reality of manifesting, both wanted and unwanted things into my life. It is my desire to learn how to evaporate the thoughts that do not serve me, for they can become present in my world. I say that they can become present in my world, because I can consciously and unconsciously be quite obsessive with my thinking. And those thoughts become my reality, by either being trapped in the monotony of their redundancy or their will to form. I have a remarkable power of creating a ton of beauty and desired abundance into my world as well. I’m truly thankful for that. And I want to push, the bar, the envelope, myself, farther and experience what I can do on a larger scale. I know I am ever capable, on the grandest of measures.


I also feel the word, manifest, leaves so many doors open for a plentiful buffet of countless possibilities. So manifest it is!


So what’s your theme word for 2011? What is your focus? What do you wish to create, learn and reaffirm?


Once your word comes to you, let it flow through your year like a friendly reminder. Every now and again center yourself with this word. Meditate with it. Check in with it. Let it play out like a theme song, with the melody brushing against your ear like an encouraging cheer, pervading with continued support.


Happy 2011 everyone! May it overflow with love!

Beauty From Love: “Hocus pocus, time to focus! Manifest! Manifest! Manifest!”

Manifesting Life,

Tara 🙂