Writing a Love Letter…..to Yourself! : A Few Ideas on What to Do and What to Say.

January 13, 2012 in Affirmations, Love, Self-Discovery Exercises by Tara

Write a love letter with a rose

© Nebojsa Rozgic

Have you ever written a love letter? Poured your heart out to someone to let them know about all the loving feelings you have for them? Tell them how amazingly beautious they are? And that they smell oh so yummy?

Have you ever received a love letter? One that made you all warm and fuzzy and smile from ear to ear? One that created a surge in your body of blissful love? One that you couldn’t help but to read over, and over, and over again?

If so, were any of them written by you and addressed to yourself?


All to often we may focus our love energy on another. That is beautiful and it is lovely to conjure up those feelings when in the presence of, or thinking about someone else. Along with all of that awesomeness, I find it extremely important to focus a lot of that mind blowing love energy on YOU! (For me, it would be with ME!) You are the ultimate source! I mean, who are you with 24/7? Who’s mind do you have to hang out with all day? Why not lavish yourself with some of that dreamy, intoxicating love? You are so worth it!!


Every once in a while I come back to this with myself. (I’d like to do it even more!) And I enjoy it very much. Here are a few ideas of things you can do…


    • Write yourself a good ole fashion Love Letter. Tell yourself what you like about yourself, what you appreciate that you do for yourself, how you make yourself feel, what fabulous things you see in your future together, etc. You can write this in a journal, mail it to yourself, email it to yourself or tuck it away and pull it out on a special day to read. If you like surprises (like me), give your letter to a friend and tell them to mail it to you one day, that way you don’t know when it’s coming. Or on a summer day, hide one in your winter coat. It will feel just as good to stumble upon it, as it would forgetting about that $20 bill you left in there from last season!


    • Write Love Letters on your mirrors (I recommend using a dry erase marker). You can say things like, “I LOVE YOU/ME/insert your name here!”, “I make the world more beautiful, just by being here!”, “I am beautiful/handsome.”, “I light up my life!”, “I am sexy from the hair on my head all the way down to my pinky toe!”.


    • When you are away, send yourself a post card. Even if you are only in a different town.


    • Write cute little notes for yourself on post its and post them around your home, in your car and even at your work space.


    • Have fun with this! Make kissy marks on them. Draw hearts on them. Put some stickers on them. Spray perfume and/or aromatheraphy oils on them. Whatever floats your boat!


(When writing the letter you can address it anyway you like. Third person is fine. Use your name. Say, me. Or say, I. When I say, “I”, to me it is more powerful, as I am affirming what is being said. However, I use the other methods as well. It’s nice to see my name sometimes. :smile:)


This is perfect for anyone to do, whether you are single, dating, in a relationship or married. And do it as much as you like. Please! Self Love is probably the best and most important gift you can ever give to yourself. Why not get a lil fancy and fun with it?


It’s a valuable practice to learn to speak to yourself this way. True magic happens in these moments. You’ll find out! 😉


Beauty From Love: “I write myself words of love, knowing they are heard, felt and nurturing my expanding heart.”


Love, Light, Laughter & Love Letters,