You Make a Difference

September 30, 2011 in Affirmations, Love, Spiritual, Unity & Oneness by Tara

The other morning I took a walk, looking at everything with fresh eyes. I felt intoxicated by the day and all it’s beauty. I experienced nature talking to me and responding to my awareness. It’s a beautiful place to be, in that flow with all that is.


Here’s a glimpse of what I experienced….


I left the house and turned on the RunKeeper app on my phone (to track my speed and distance) and I attempted to turn on Pandora radio. For some reason it didn’t work, so I ended up listening to a few tracks that came with my phone. They played out quite nicely. When I got to the end of the road and turned the corner I was greeted by a butterfly. I kneeled down to hang out with it for a few minutes as we played cat an mouse with one another. I’d move in a little closer and it would flutter inches away. I’d move in again and it would move away, never straying far. I picked myself up off the sidewalk and began my journey through the ten or so sprinklers that water the lawn in the developement I live in. I love walking through them because it cools me off right from the start and it’s a lot of fun! Some sprinklers I let hit me dead on, some I turn my back to, and others I cup with my hand so they spray out water everywhere.


I crossed the street and got into the groove of the music. I noticed I had more pep in my step with the music on. This was my first time listening to music while going on these walks. I thought of all the people I’ve said hello to while walking, who do not respond. Mostly, because they were plugged in to a musical device. So I keep awareness of the people around me and was sure to say hello, even though I was listening to music. I wanted to make sure not to tune anyone or anything out. I wanted the music to compliment the walk, as I was not trying to escape anything. I wanted to take it all in.


I came across a worm on the sidewalk. It was jumping up in the air, twisting in all sorts of strange ways. Compassion and urgency struck me by this disturbing motion. I figured the worm was reacting to the suns heat and I tried to catch it, and eventually did. I forgot how slimey worms are! It felt so cool! I layed it in the cool grass, forgetting I had water with me. As I continued on my journey I was greeted by another butterfly. It almost knocked me down! Ok, if it had a little more weight behind it, it probably would have. I decided to scurry off the path and go and talk to the ducks at the pond. I enjoy visiting this quacky bunch. They always seem to amuse me and keep me focussed in the present moment.


On my way back to the house I came across another worm. After my encounter with the previous one, I knew exactly what to do (lesson learned). I gave it some water and placed it back in the shaded grass. It dawned on me in that moment – This worm probably has no idea who or what I am (Or maybe it does. I don’t want to knock worm intelligence and consciousness). It probably doesn’t know what I just did for it. It’s obviously a great manifester. I almost wanted top scream, “Hey! Wormie worm!! Do you know what I’m doing right now? This is so cool that I am meeting you now! Can we be friends?” Or something along those lines.


I realized then how much power we have to change things and to help others, whithout them even knowing it. And when I say power, I mean that in the least egotistical way. I concluded in that moment, that I make a difference in this world. And the big and small scales all weigh out the same. Someone make think what I did was no big deal, it’s just a worm. However, to that worm it could mean many more days in that body and on this earth. And to me, it’s another valuable, lovable creature that deserves to live & be nurtured. It doesn’t matter in the end. And I expect nothing in return from the worm. What I’d like you to know though, is that you make a difference in this world and many someones out there are making a difference in yours. And you could very well, be totally unaware of it.



I also realized that maybe there is someone/thing bigger than me,

that I don’t recognize,

who helps me out,

without me knowing it,


Yeah, it was a pretty powerful walk.



I came full circle at the end of the walk, gracing myself with the playful dance through the sprinklers, that were fortunately still on. My smile was even bigger this time around. Here’s one of the songs that played on my phone during this journey….



Beauty From Love: “I honor myself and all worldly inhibitants. I come from a place filled with love and let me always welcome others with that love. “


Radiating Love, Light & Laughter,