Traveling Through The West Coast in an RV: How it All Came Together.

April 23, 2013 in Spiritual, Travel & Culture by Tara

The RV in LA before we hit the open road.

The RV in LA before we hit the open road. We named him Glen after Glenda “The Good Witch”.

It’s funny how things in life show up sometimes. I used to believe in coincidences and now I believe there is something more behind all the synchronicity taking place in my life and the lives of others.

It was only a year ago when my Beloved and I met. We hadn’t even formed any definition of our relation to one another and quickly after our second date (keep in mind our first date lasted 5 days and our second date lasted 7 days!) we were talking about living in an RV and traveling through North America together! Oddly enough, even before I met my Beloved, I was planning a Round the World Trip with 21 countries on the itinerary. As an alternate plan, if I did not get to the RTW trip within a year, I had intentions on traveling through North America in my car with some paint, brushes, a laptop, a djembe drum, a pair of zils & maracas, a few items of clothing and my furry companion, my puddy-tat Bella.

Right now we are with two other lovely beings (my Spiritual Mother, as I like to call her, and our friend visiting from Prague) renting an RV and traveling through the West Coast. Along with going on a 7 week journey through 3 of the Hawaiian Islands and Aruba this year, I’m going to go ahead and say I am living a sweet portion of my dreams right now. One day it hit me. I had an “Ah-ha” moment in Hawaii and said to myself, “Wow, I’m living my dream!” And you know what? It was all done on a whim.

Within a few weeks this little west coast journey came together. No extensive planning. With ease everything is weaving together in this beautiful web. It started (I’m sure with our dreams) with a phone call from my Spiritual Momma. Her birthday was coming up and she wanted to go on a road trip with us. With the plans of living in an RV pulsing through our veins, my Beloved quickly said, “Let’s do it in an RV!”. And here we are. I really believed we’d find ourselves in one when we bought one. What a lovely surprise this was/is!

The night before we left LA to head on our journey!

The night before we left LA to head on our journey!

I can only imagine the windows that will open up to our souls on this adventure. So many already have. Of course everyday is an opportunity to open up to your soul. However, there is something (for me personally) about being in an unfamiliar place that allows me to let go on another level. I feel more vulnerable in unfamiliar territory. I’m shed from my “safe place”. I’m no longer relying on the comforts of being “home”. The Universe becomes my home. This body I am in becomes my home. Yet, simultaneously none of them are my home. With that, I believe there are keys to open up to our inner world.

I’m learning so much about myself on this journey. I’m able to build a new trust in myself and all that is. I’m learning more about what it means to be free, to be truly free, to let go, to not hold things inside, to open my heart even more than it already is. I’m learning what is means to be in community with others and to appreciate everyday as they are so unique and special. This list is endless. Every moment in life bears valuable lessons and gifts. I’m so grateful for these opportunities.

The point of this post is, I have a dream. I’ve remained pretty focussed on it and it is coming true. My wish for you is to stay focussed on your dreams. They may not show up exactly as planned, they may be a hair different and they may even show up better than you planned. Be open enough to recognize that and don’t worry about the “How” as in how it will happen. Leave that up to the Universe, God, Higher Being or whatever you wish to call the magical Love energy that is always conspiring for us.

Happy Dreaming fellow Divine Beings!

I hope you enjoy what I continue to share about this journey. Most of all, I hope you are enjoying your own journey.

Beauty From Love – “My dreams are magnificent. The more I feel them to be true, the more I magnetize them into my life. “

With an Abundance of Love, Light & Laughter,