Life is Beautiful

August 31, 2011 in Affirmations, Beauty, Love, Self-Discovery Exercises by Tara

Life is Beautiful.

Embrace it.


– I’ve made it a habit to recognize the beauty in life. Taking the time to notice the “little things”, like the way the breeze flirts with the trees and shuffles the leaves, making the trees come alive. They appear to be waving at me many times over, with an enthusiastic, childlike demeanor. “Hello Tara!” “Hi Tara” “Look here! Look here!” “Goodmorning!” “Good day!” “I love you!”


– I notice the colors in nature. They blow up bright like fireworks. Even on the gloomiest of days, they still speak to me. They still illuminate. I see birds gliding through the sky. So many birds. Such a beautiful sky. Why is it blue? What if it was Orange or Purple? I like blue.


– I see people smiling and laughing and playing and dancing. I see people hugging and kissing and walking then resting. I see them riding bikes and mototcycles too. I see them driving, driving through.


– I play with my cats and embrace their unconditional love. I admire them as they do what cats do….being curious and exploring, eating and cleaning, loving and napping. Meows and purrs. Meows and purrs.


– I’m thankful for the food I eat. It tastes so delicious, so ripe and alive with energy. I drink water with appreciation and shower in it’s purity. Ahhhh, the joy of feeling fresh and clean. How fortunate am I? How fortunate I am.


– I am so alive right now. I am fueled by the magical forces of this whole that is grander than the Universe. I see what I am. I recognize the force that fuels me and I feed it.


Do you see where I am going with this list?


Life is beautiful. See that. And your world becomes that. It’s your choice. It’s your perception, interpretation and canvas. Create it! Enjoy it! Love it!


Beauty From Love: “Life is beautiful and I will recognize many forms of it today”


Love, Light & Laughter,